Rest and relaxation starts in small Lošinj villages such as Ćunski, Nerezine and Sv. Jakov. These places make it impossible to remain indifferent to the beautiful scenery filled with hidden coves and beaches. Stretching out across the Lošinj coast, protected by the shade of pine and laurel trees, they cover the space from Veli to Mali Lošinj. Walking along the sea coast you can literally smell the scent of untouched nature, mixed with sea particles.


Osor is the next station that is definitely worth visiting. Its small drawbridge separates the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Back in the time of the Roman Empire it was an important trading station, and today it is a place that attracts sailors and musicians. Particularly, Osor „Summer Music Evenings“ an event that brings together lovers of classical music, as well as musicians from all over Europe. The most beautiful part of the city is certainly the church and the baptistery of Sv. Gavdent, the patron saint of Osor, also associated with many legends and stories. Sv. Gavdent made Osor a scholar center, but Osor nobles opposed it because and demanded his death. He then sought refuge in the hills where he spend a whole year hiding in a cave. Since the cave was full of snakes, he prayed and begged God to free the island of poisonous snakes. After he fled and died in Rome in refuge. Legend says his body floated in a wooden chest carried by the sea, and many days after showed up ashore back in Osor, and his arrival in this form was announced by the church bells in the morning. A church was built in Osor in his honor, declaring him the protector of the city and the island.


If you decide to get to know the surrounding islands, you must visit neighbouring island Cres. The beautiful parts of the island of Cres, jewel in the middle is lake „Vrana“ or “fairy” lake. For lovers of old stories and legends, Vrana Lake is magical indeed. Residents of the island of Cres say that whoever drinks water from the lake never leaves the island. According to tradition, the lake was once the property of two sisters, good and poor, and evil and rich. The evil sister tried to steal part of the property from the other, and God punished her, causing the castle to collapse into the ground and flood the field. The ruined and submerged castle is still at the bottom of the lake today, and sometimes during great storms one can hear the ringing of bells from the depths of the water. Therefore, when you visit Cres and lake Vrana, let your imagionation run wild and carefully listen.


If you catch some extra time, do not miss to visit the nearby island of Susak, a phenomenon among the Adriatic islands, the only sandy island in the Adriatic.

As far as Lošinj cuisine is concerned, specialties prepared from seafood, according to old traditional recipes, with the addition of aromatic herbs and olive oil, are a real pleasure that tingles the palate. Other then seafood we should also mention the prosciutto, sheep cheese and the famous Lošinj lamb prepared  under the baking lid. Wine from the island of Susak is certainly one of the best, and homemade brandy with herbs to soothe the soul.