For many years, Lošinj has been adorned with the name “island of vitality”. The mild Mediterranean climate, clear sea, lavender and mint fields are just some of the things that stand out about this island. Over 200 other medicinal plants that also reside on this island add to that epithet name. For those who want a true vacation and “recharging the batteries” type of feeling we advise to visit the island of Lošinj

Oh and have we already mentioned that Lošinj is one of the islands with the most sunny days of the year in Croatia?

High angle view of amazing panorama. Seaside town, island, sunset. Mali Losinj, Croatia.


Mali Lošinj is full of hotels with SPA zones that offer treatments and massages. Perfect way to remove all the “excess burden” and tension, a rest for your body and mind we truly tell you. In addition to wellness, sports and recreation centers can also be found. Not to forget the natural beauties of the island – Čikat Bay oasis that is surrounded by centuries-old pine forests, a great place for swimming in the crystal clear sea.


Lošinj is a widely known climatic health resort, and some of its healing secrets you can discover in the fragrant gardens of medicinal herbs in Mali Lošinj. After you get to know the flora of the island, in the clear waters that surround Lošinj you can discover the fauna of the island. There is a reason dolphins chose Lošinj as their home. Every year, on August 5th, Dolphin Day is celebrated in Lošinj – an event with a noble cause of showing support for their protection. In addition to educational programs about these animals, there is an exhibition of children’s art works, and video projections of life from the world of dolphins.

Common Bottlenose Dolphin, Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin