It was first mentioned in 1398. under the name of a small village. Year 1868. was reaching its peak. The site has working 11 shipyardsyards, and Mali Losinj becomes the place with the strongest commercial fleet in the Adriatic - even in front of Rijeka, Trieste and Venice. The invention of the steam engine comes to the stagnation of development, and the emergence of diseases of the vine - peronospora comes to population displacements. After II. World War Mali Losinj has only 2200 residance Until 1918. was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.Since 1945th up in 1990. part of Yugoslavia, since 1990. part of the Croatian.





 Island of 1000 flavors  - Source of healthy living - Oasis vitality

Losinj for many years graced the epithet " island of vitality ," and his story is every year becoming richer and more interesting . The mild climate , clean sea , lavender , mint , and over 200 other medicinal plants are just one of the lures for those who want a holiday and " charging " . Did we already mention that  Losinj island is island with the most sunny days in a year ?


Mali Losinj has numerous hotels, a spa zone with rich and innovative range of treatments and massages you with top removed all the " excess burden " , relieve tension and relax your body , and spirit . In addition to wellness , sports and recreation centers offer complete destination. Of course , we must not forget the offer conditional natural predispositions - Cikat Bay is an oasis of rich pinewoods, also a great choice for a swim in the crystal clear waters .


Losinj is famous health resort , whose healing secrets you can discover in the fragrant garden herbs in Mali Losinj . There you can meet the entire flora of the island , while in the clear waters of Lošinj archipelago can discover why the dolphins chose Losinj for your home . Every year , 5 August marks the Lošinj Dolphin Day - events with the aim of protecting them . In addition to educational programs on these benign and wondrous animals organized an exhibition of children's art , and video projections of life from the world of dolphins . Dolphin and can adopt , and if you are lucky to see them , believe that they will be a memorable moment .


If you decide to explore the environment , does not miss a visit to some of the beautiful parts of the island of Cres , such as Cres Vrana " fairy " lake . For lovers of old stories and legends , Vrana Lake is a real treat . Residents of the island of Cres say the lake has a great power and whoever drinks the water from the lake would never leave the island . Lake , according to legend once upon a time was the possession of two sisters , good and poor, evil and rich . The evil sister tried to hijack another part of the estate , and it is God punishing , making the earthquake the castle falls into the ground and drown field . Destroyed and submerged castle and is now at the bottom of the lake , and sometimes during large storms can hear the ringing bells of water depth . Therefore , listen to the sounds of nature , wrapped in a veil of legend and imagination .


Osor the next stop , which is worth a visit , and whose small drawbridge separates the islands of Cres and Losinj . At the time of the Roman Empire was an important trading hub , and today is a place that attracts sailors and musicians , namely Osorske the summer musical evening event that brings together lovers of classical music , as well as musicians from all over Europe . The most beautiful part of the city is certainly the church and the baptismal font , and with the Holy . Inhabitants , patron Osor also interesting legends . Being with his help in the past Osor was strong Glagolitic center , Osor nobles who rebelled demanded his death , so he sought his refuge on the hill Osorscica where the dark cave spent a year . Since the cave was full of snakes , doing penance , he found favor with God to liberate the islands of poisonous snakes . He died in Rome , and his body is just floated carried by sea in a wooden chest in Osor , whose arrival was announced that the morning bells began to ring by itself . Osor in his honor and built a church proclaimed him patron of the city and the island .


Holidays for your eyes and ears begins in small lošinjs places like St. Jakov , Nerezine St . Jacob , where it is almost impossible to remain indifferent in view of the hidden coves and beautiful beaches that adorn them . He continues on the Lošinj promenade along the sea , protected pine and laurel , and extends from Veli up of the town. Strolling along the coast will feel the fullness smell of untouched nature and sea waves that create millions of small and healthy particles called anions , will cheer you and relax your mind .


Catch you have time , do not forget to visit the nearby island of Susak , a phenomenon among the Adriatic islands , is also the only sand island in the Adriatic.

As far as the Lošinj cuisine , seafood specialties prepared foods , according to traditional recipes , with additions of aromatic herbs and olive oil are a real delight and magical blend of taste, smell and health . We should mention the inevitable ham , cheese and famous Lošinj lamb . The wine from the island of Susak is certainly one of the better , and homemade brandy with herbs will warm fans ' spirits . "